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What do I need?

The only thing you need is a basketball court-sized space (we can work with less) and a group of people to play. Leave the rest to the Storm Mobile Laser Tag Team!  Contact Kevin or Tom if you have concerns about your space - they’ll do their best to make it.

Is it safe?

Absolutely! The infrared beam from the gun is not a risk to any body parts, including the eyes. The risk of injury would be the same as if your child were running around playing outside. There is always a chance of falling, but the game itself has no specific safety concerns.

How many can play?

A game could consist of 1 vs. 1, 12 vs. 12, or anywhere in between. More players create more excitement, but less players bring the strategy of the game into greater focus.

Who can play?

Anyone can play! Our version of laser tag is enjoyed by people of all ages, although it isn’t generally recommended for those under the age of 6 simply because of the weight of the gun. That being said, if your 5 year old can handle the equipment while moving around then they can play!

How is this different than going to a complex that offers Laser Tag?

  • We come to you! If you have indoor or outdoor space, we can set up a game.

  • There are no vests, headbands, or other wearable devices. The guns provide everything you need for the game, making it a lot easier and less cumbersome to play.

  • You get a personal experience that centers around you and your event.

  • We have more flexibility with time. If your group is having fun, we can extend the play time!

  • You get statistics from the games you play. Players can track who fired the most shots, who got the most hits, etc,. The computer tracks everything in real-time, and the information is displayed on a big screen TV.  All of the info is posted on our website for players to view.

What information does the display on the gun provide?

In addition to the players name, the display allows you to see how many lives you have remaining in the game, how much ammunition you have and the time remaining in the game. This information is constantly being fed into the command center which display all of these statistics on our big screen TV for players to track.

How do I know I am out during the game?

After all your lives are lost, the gun lights up, and the display tells you to return to base. However, That doesn’t mean your time is up - a medic (a player on your team) can give you more lives while you are still in the game. Make sure you protect that medic so you can defeat the other team!

How do I know which team I am on?

The guns are colored coded(green or blue) which identifies your team, and the computer program organizes the players, and tracks each team. Each gun is numbered so you can check your stats with the Storm Mobile Laser Tag Team member as you come off the playing field or view the screen display!

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